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GoSmarter Toolbox

improve operations fast

GoSmarter is a set of AI-powered tools designed to improve operations and make communication processes faster. They do this helping to systemise flows of information and by bringing transparency to key processes.

This in turn helps teams to be more productive by saving time and energy - and the tools are no-code and easy to deploy.

Funded by Innovate UK, GoSmarter is free for all SMEs.

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Immediate value

Tools that boost your business and integrate with how you do things


Our guided setups make getting started simple for everyone

Low cost

Free to use and starts you with online apps that fit in any budget

Grab this opportunity

If you want to remain competitive you need to digitalise your business processes. This doesn’t have to mean radical transformation but can start with some ‘quick-win projects’ that solve real problems fast. These tools will accelerate this process and

  • give you and your team more time,
  • help your business grow,
  • improve core processes across your business.

Check out what Forbes said about us here Five Startups Helping Companies To Survive And Thrive Beyond Covid-19.

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In the Media

Helping business to improve their operations through automation is the aim of GoSmarter. This often requires adopting new ways of working and delivering value to customers.

Check out what media around the world have said about GoSmarter and help us to spread the word.


Smart automation tools for your business

AI-Powered Sales

Spend more time closing deals and building valuable relationships with our intelligent sales tools based on Dynamics 365.

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Digital supply chain manager

Reduce the effort of creating and maintaining your supplier relationships with a digital supply chain management tool based in Dynamics 365.

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Process Automation

Automate repeatable business tasks at a fraction of the cost with our process automation tool.

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Invoice Processor

Take back control of processing invoices with automatic flows that increase accuracy and save time.

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FAQ Chatbots

Give your customers instant responses to FAQs 24/7 while cutting your customer service team's repetitive workload.

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Social Media Listening

Keeping an ear out for mentions and working out whether they're negative, inappropriate, or problematic is the perfect use of automation and AI.

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Our supporters

GoSmarter is supported by leading organisations who are helping us bring automation to as many businesses as possible.

The power of automation

Improving operational effeciencies can have an impact on every aspect of your business. Choose from four AI-powered tools to help reduce your workload, empower your team, and improve your customer’s experience. Register on our app to get started.

The FAQ Chatbot helped us deal with unprecedented demand for our products during COVID 19 and on a 24/7 basis. It was a lifesaver for our business.

Mia Hatton - Letterbox Lab

GoSmarter is about helping small businesses kickstart their automation journey and build valuable digital capabilities in a post-Covid-19 world.

Steph Locke - Nightingale HQ

Who are GoSmarter

GoSmarter was developed by Nightingale HQ, a platform that helps businesses adopt Artificial Intelligence. We believe that automation is not just for large scale companies and that there are lots of tools that SMEs can take advantage of. If there are any other tools you think we should launch, get in touch.