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Supercharge Sales

Make more sense of customer data, boost sales leads and get actionable insights for your sales team.

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Increase leads

Automate tasks including qualifying and following up so you can focus on priority leads and closing.


Data is your most important asset so make more sense of customer data and use this to engage leads in more personalised ways.

Closing deals

Focus on building stronger relationships and not on gathering customer information and processing orders.

The right leads at the right time

This tool allows you to improve predictions, recommendations, and decisions in the sales pipeline. It identifies patterns based on past data and makes recommendations as to which deals to go after and which to drop based on likely conversions.

Learn from your success

Our Supercharge Sales tool uses AI to analyse data from your customers and helps you make the best choices. Lower the cost of customer acquisition, increase your conversion rates and increase customer lifetime value.

GoSmarter is funded by Innovate UK and since most of the costs of developing it are covered, Nightingale HQ can make it free for all SMEs.

Here's the deal

GoSmarter is funded by Innovate UK, meaning that most of the development costs are covered, and Nightingale HQ can make it free for all SMEs to add value to their businesses.

  • Free expert support and advice to help your business get up and running
  • Tools based on Microsoft’s online productivity platform
  • Any subscriptions (starting as low as £5 per month per user) support smart automation and are generally multi-purpose
  • We are trying to keep costs to SMEs minimal and can offer Social Listening and the FAQ Chatbot tools for practically free
  • All tools are designed to work alongside your current systems meaning no vendor lock-ins and the freedom to turn off any tool at any time.

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