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Social Media Listening

Keeping an ear out for mentions and working out whether they're negative, inappropriate, or problematic is the perfect use of automation and AI.

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Brand perception

Consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals.

Increase spend

Engaging with customers on social media can lead to 20% to 40% additional spend with your company.

Listening to customers

45% of consumers share bad customer service experiences via social media.

Grow your brand automatically

Social listening refers to monitoring social media for feedback, mentions, or relevant chatter to gain insight or act. Listening to customers online makes good business sense. However, the price tag on this capability is at least $150 per month putting it way outside the budget of a small business.

Our (no-code) Social Media Listening tool is practically free and we can have you up and running in 30 minutes. You can automatically retweet positive tweets or keep a record of mentions to a spreadsheet for clients. We’re doing the technical bit for you and setting everything up so that the solution is owned by you. This means the ownership and data are entirely yours.

Save time and act fast

Aiming initially for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, our tool will listen out for mentions on any of these platforms. When a mention happens, it’ll then use Microsoft’s AI tools to analyse the text and images. If there’s a problem it’ll send you an email so you can handle it ASAP.

Our Social Media Listening tool empowers marketing activities by producing valuable brand insights, quickly.

GoSmarter is funded by Innovate UK and since most of the costs of developing it are covered, Nightingale HQ can make it free for all SMEs.

Here’s the deal

GoSmarter is funded by Innovate UK, meaning that most of the development costs are covered, and Nightingale HQ can make it free for all SMEs to add value to their businesses.

  • Free expert support and advice to help your business get up and running
  • Tools based on Microsoft’s online productivity platform
  • Any subscriptions (starting as low as £5 per month per user) support smart automation and are generally multi-purpose
  • We are trying to keep costs to SMEs minimal and can offer Social Listening and the FAQ Chatbot tools for practically free
  • All tools are designed to work alongside your current systems meaning no vendor lock-ins and the freedom to turn off any tool at any time.

Boost your business with Social Media Listening

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You can get the advantage that Social Media Listening can bring in less that 30 minutes!

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  2. Go through our setup process
  3. Make tweaks to suit your business
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