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Sarah Borg Bonnici

Accomplished architect with complex project management expertise whose genius lies in translating the needs of key stake holders.

Sarah brings to Nightingale 20 years of experience designing, running and troubleshooting complex projects. An architect and structural engineer by profession, Sarah has acted as the “translator” between engineers and C-level end users throughout the UK, Europe and Africa to ensure that end client get the projects they both want and need.

She is passionate about the creation of high performing interdisciplinary teams, and holds a master’s degree from the University of Cambridge in Interdisciplinary Design, where she lectures on team building and distributed teams in complex projects. Realising the value of the data collected in construction, and wanting to utilise it better, Sarah has begun a master’s degree in Computer Science and Data Analysis at the University of York. She owns and runs her own consultancy in high containment facilities.

Outside of work, Sarah has 2 dogs and 3 cats, and a husband. She loves to play boardgames, RPGs, hike and swim long distance. In addition, at the ripe old age of mumbles Sarah is now finally learning how to ride a bike.

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