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Sam Bryce

Experienced Graphic/Digital Designer centring on the world of web design and development alongside UX/UI design.

Samuel is an experienced Graphic/Digital Designer with over 8 years of commercial experience. Within the last 3 years, he has taken an interest and worked in the world of web design/development and UX/UI design, helping create better experiences for users of the websites which in turn has helped the companies websites perform better.

He has a history of working within many sectors around the UK mainly being the information technology and services industries. He is skilled in using many of the software packages associated with being a designer as well as front-end languages and is up to date with current design trends. For the GoSmarter project, Sam’s role in it is the UX Researcher. His duties for this project are to conduct user research in the form of customer surveys, generate the wireframes for the website and application along with creating personas and user journeys for both. Fun fact is: he has two wine tasting qualifications that he got whilst working at a previous job.

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