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Oz Locke

Creative programmer as comfortable designing logos and writing things as they are building websites and developing applications.

Oz Locke (married to Steph Locke!) has spent their years working in every field from customer services to business intelligence, catering to sales. Through it all though they discovered a particular love for applying their creativity and rigour to programming. Oz is comfortable working with a wide array of programming languages (such as SQL, Python, and Javascript) while also being very experienced with software ranging from video editing and graphic design suites like Camtasia and Inkscape, to video game development engines like Godot and GameMaker!

Oz is particularly fond of graphic design and web development; if you’re involved in the world of R and data science, you may well have seen some of their designs in the wild, and they also built this website.

In their spare time Oz loves board games, tabletop RPGs, video games, books, film and TV, and especially their dogs, Obi and Leia.

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