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Mia Hatton

Budding data scientist with an entrepreneurial and science communication background.

Mia is an experienced science communicator and trainer who is now merging these talents to become a Data Scientist. She is currently studying for her Data Science degree at Cardiff Metropolitan University and is putting it also into practice as an apprentice in Nightingale HQ. Alongside a science degree from the Open University, she has a number of years of experience in presenting, science content development and training consultancy across several countries including the Czech Republic, Norway, Malaysia and her home of Wales.

In 2015 she co-founded Letterbox Lab, offering a series of innovative science kits designed to help families to play with science. Letterbox Lab was named ‘Retail Start-up of the Year’ at the Wales Start-up Awards 2019. Outside of work, Mia enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons and caring for her curious bearded dragon, Bert.

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