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The GoSmarter team

We are a fusion of techy, design, data and startup folk who are connected through bringing the power of automation to SMEs everywhere.

We believe that automation is not just for large scale companies and that there are lots of tools that SMEs can take advantage of, regardless of technical knowledge and restrictive budgets. Our latest project, GoSmarter, springs from these core values. Backed by Innovate UK and free for SMEs to join, GoSmarter is an automation toolbox that helps businesses automate repetitive and manual tasks and processes.

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Mia Hatton

Budding data scientist with an entrepreneurial and science communication background.

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Oz Locke

Creative programmer as comfortable designing logos and writing things as they are building websites and developing applications.

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Ruth Kearney

Master of crafting educational and industry relevant programs with a flair for technology and a commercial focus.

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Sam Bryce

Experienced Graphic/Digital Designer centring on the world of web design and development alongside UX/UI design.

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Sarah Borg Bonnici

Accomplished architect with complex project management expertise whose genius lies in translating the needs of key stake holders.

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Shaun Faulkner

Technologist with a passion for full stack engineering.

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Steph Locke

Technologist and consultant with a track record of delivering transformation of businesses into data science and AI companies.

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Steph Organ

Ambitious digital marketer with a love for words and history of content creation.

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