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Talent Garden

Talent Garden's mission is to create local, vibrant, globally-connected campuses that empower digital & tech communities. We are a Community, not just a space.

Founded in Brescia, Italy, in 2011, Talent Garden is now the leading European coworking network and educational institute for the digital and tech community. Today our network spans 22 campuses in 7 countries. (Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Spain).


The place for explorers and innovators

Talent Garden offers an unprecedented combination of creative coworking campuses, an internal educational institution, and industry-driven events to connect tech talents. Our mission is to create local, vibrant, globally-connected campuses that empower digital and tech communities.

Coworking Space

We host over 4,500 innovators inside the network of campuses across Europe.

Innovation School

Courses and training programs for both individuals and companies, focusing on five key areas: coding, data, marketing, design and business.

Corporate Programmes

Talent Garden supports corporates and SMEs by analysing their business needs and devising ad-hoc projects to help them embrace the opportunities offered by digital technologies to reach their full potential.

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