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My Discombobulated Brain

This tool is amazing - and anyone can install this with the help of the team, even a non-techie can set this up, because I did!

Time is of the essence

My Discombobulated Brain (MDB) is a mental health charity that aims to tackle the stigma associated with mental health head-on. As no one at MDB takes a wage, time is the most precious commodity for the team and it was being used in all the wrong places.

Instead of being able to develop their resources and campaigns, they were spending time regularly answering the same questions. On top of this, due to COVID-19, the fundraisers that they rely on to generate charity income over the summer months were cancelled, so they desperately had to spend time working out new ways to raise some funds.

As a team, they had been looking for tools that would help them gain back their time, without using up the limited funds that they rely on to carry out their work. That’s when Founder, Laura Dernie, discovered the GoSmarter FAQ Chatbot.

“…even a non-techie can set this up, because I did!” - Laura Dernie

The team at MBD completed a list of FAQs and with some help from the GoSmarter team, Laura successfully trained and uploaded her FAQ Chatbox to their website and Facebook within a few days.

“This tool is amazing,” said Laura “not only is it saving us time and giving people the answers that they want immediately, but I can also go back in and add or amend questions so that the bot gives the best answers to the service user. Anyone can install this using the simple guide, even a non-techie can set this up, because I did!”

The team have now been able to spend time working on their new campaign and are not worried about missing a question from a supporter whilst doing so.

GoSmarter can help you implement your own FAQ Chatbot, sign up now and we will support you along the way and ensure that the tools are adding value to your charity or non-profit.

About My Discombobulated Brain

My Discombobulated Brain aims to tackle the stigma associated with mental health head-on while offering a source of support and education to those who are affected by these issues. They promise to ONLY use real people’s stories and pictures. For more information www.mydiscombobulatedbrain.com

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