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Nightingale HQ sings to the AI-ready future of SMEs

Irish and Welsh AI start-up Nightingale HQ has built a platform of tools that automate crucial business tasks for SMEs.

Nightingale HQ is a start-up based in Wales and Ireland that recently won a grant from Innovate UK to help SMEs bounce back from the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown

“We took on an extra five people and launched the GoSmarter Toolbox – automation for SMEs,” explained co-founder and commercial director, Ruth Kearney.

“It’ free for SMEs to sign up and learn and get supported on implementing six AI-powered tools across their business. The tools automate everything from invoice processing, meeting management, online bookings, sales, social media listening and even bigger admin processes that are simply wasting too much time.”

The business has already got a number of innovation spaces and hubs on board, including ICE Wales, Innovate UK and RDI in Kerry, StartupClub and TownSquare UK.

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