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These 5 Startups help companies thrive during the pandemic

There are few businesses that were barely affected by the pandemic and the lockdown it has caused. Some didn’t even survive, however a surprising number of companies used the challenges and difficulties to not only survive themselves, but to help others out as well. Keep on reading to learn which ones they were.

GoSmarter: Automating Operations

  • GoSmarter originated from Nightingale HQ. The company helps organizations integrate AI and automation into their operations to save time and money, making them therefore more efficient.
  • GoSmarter is a set of six AI-powered tools which automate manual tasks and processes. These include for example, social listening, robotic process automation and invoice processing.
  • Founders Steph Locke and Ruth Kearny were aware that many businesses were forced to let employees go, understaffed or simply couldn’t afford this kind of support.
  • With the free tool they hope to help businesses adapt more quickly and efficiently in order to make it through the pandemic.

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