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GoSmarter is free for all SMEs to join and is funded by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, as part of the recovery from the impact of COVID-19, which has had detrimental effects on the small business community.

GoSmarter was created by Nightingale HQ, a platform that helps businesses adopt Artificial Intelligence, based in Wales and Ireland.  We believe that automation is not just for large scale companies and that there are lots of tools that SMEs can take advantage of. This is why GoSmarter was developed.

Why join our Supporter network?

We are seeking supporters from business networks and startup ecosystems across Europe to help us share the word and bring automation to SMEs everywhere.

This can involve simply sharing GoSmarter.ai with your social network, adding to your e-newsletter or hosting one of our GoSmarter Automation for SMEs’ webinars for your community.  

All Supporters will be showcased on our website.

What do Supporters do?

Supporters act like ambassadors, helping SMEs understand the benefits of automation and how GoSmarter fits into that. Most commonly Supporters do at least one of:

  • Simply share: present GoSmarter to your network via your social, blog, or newsletters
  • Add to benefits: include GoSmarter in the bundle of services your members get
  • Co-host a webinar: host an Automation for SMEs’ webinar for your community

How do we become a Supporter?

You can get started today by tweeting or sharing about GoSmarter but we’d also love to talk to you about how we can collaborate on content, webinars, and more. Use the Contact form in the footer to reach out.

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